10 Things A Half Geek Does

This guy? I can’t out-geek this guy.

What’s a half geek?  Well, as geeky as I consider myself… ie. my office is plastered with Disney and pirate stuff and I’d probably rather watch Star Wars than kiss a girl  (ok, that one’s a toss up…), I don’t feel nearly geek enough when I’m around real geeks.  You know the real hardcore geek that owns a handmade stormtrooper costume, knows comic book characters outside DC and Marvel, and could write a thesis paper on the economy inside World of Warcraft?

That ain’t me.  Kind of strange to feel inferior around people who spent most of their lives feeling inferior.

But I know I’m not the only half geek out there.  We are legion, we of the middle.  So here’s a little check list to see if you too are of the half geek breed.

Geek – Loves Star Wars
Half Geek – Doesn’t hate Star Wars I-III


Geek – Reads comic books
Half Geek – Reads Archie comic books


Geek – Has seen every episode of every Star Trek series
Half Geek – Has seen Star Trek IV – The Wrath of Kahn a dozen times


Geek – Goes to Cons dressed as Slave Girl Leia
Half Geek – Goes to Cons dressed normally to look at Slave Girl Leias


Geek – Will debate the quality of corn dogs from one location to another at Disneyland
Half Geek – Will read entire corn dog thread and take note of salient points. But will not enter discussion due to lack of knowledge.


Geek – Knows what a “buck and a quarter-staff” is
Half Geek – Vaguely remembers Porky Pig playing Friar Tuck in something


Geek – Has a computer dedicated to mining BitCoins
Half Geek – Thought BitCoins were things you got in Mario Bros.


Geek – Radiates geek aura that may or may not be a lack of hygiene after gaming binge
Half Geek -Can almost pass for a normal human


Geek – Has a level 34 Paladin and can rattle off the characters stats from memory
Half Geek – Played a level 3 cleric a few times and is pretty sure a Gelatinous Cube is Jello


Geek – Owns a full scale replica of the “leg lamp”
Half Geek – Keeps saying, “Man, I should get one of those leg lamps,” but girlfriend won’t let him

Half Geeks Unite!

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