10 Signs You’re Dating A Comedian

Phil Johnson comedianDating a comic is no picnic, as my girlfriend will happily attest to.  And the life of comedy-spouse or significant other is nearly as tough a job as being a comic.  So to all of you who hang in there with all of us, I say thank you, and dedicate this list.

10 Signs You’re Dating A Comedian

1. Every argument and makeup session ends with, “… and this doesn’t go in your act.”

2. You notice a notebook come out any time you laugh at anything.

3. You know the names of every show booker in town by first name, but have never told a joke on stage.

4. They can be seen running through the house naked and wet because they thought of a joke in the shower.

5. You’ve heard the phrase, “This Motel 6 is nicer than last night’s.)

6. When asked “What city are you in?”, they often respond, “I don’t know.”

7. You know the names of more open mic comedians than most people know family members.

8. You’ve replaced the term “pity laugh” with “being supportive” in your vocabulary.

9. “Are they feeding you?” is a common question about a job’s pay structure.

10. Louis, Jerry, and Robin are regularly referenced by their first names. Carlin, Pryor, and Titus by their last. Dat Phan is only talked about disparagingly or ironically.

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